Save money with a factory refurbished system

2nd User

These are devices that have been used previously and are no longer required by the company or end user.


30 Day Warranty

Factory Refurb

Factory refurb have been sent back to manufacture and repaired to their high standards, these are then sold to businesses as ‘brown box’ items and have a manufactures warranty.


3-12 Months Manufacturer Warranty

Open Box

Open box devices are often unused returns that can’t be sold as “new”. Some devices may have never been powered on, but they could have been removed from their factory sealed packaging. These devices are discounted and you can expect them to function as if they were new.


Remaining Manufacturer Warranty

Ex-Demo / Ex-Display

These are devices that have been on show or ‘demo’ within our retail store. These could include PC Systems, monitors and peripherals.


Remaining Manufacturer Warranty up to 12 months

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