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I received a call from Microsoft or my Internet Service Provider

Microsoft or your Internet Service Provider i.e BT or Talktalk will never ring you, if someone is ringing you claiming to be from either then we suggest ending the phone call as this is most likely a scam wanting to pressure you into spending money on services you don’t require.

Do you take in devices as part ex or buy devices outright?

We do not buy any devices from the public, if you are looking to sell your device we would suggest listing them on a local Facebook selling group or Ebay.

Do you provide business support & services?

We have been offering a range of services and products to local businesses no matter the size for the last 15+ years, if you would like to speak to us regarding what Pro Logic can offer your business please call 01977 649100 or click here

Do you repair Apple products?

We don’t not currently repair Apple products, we would advise you to contact the Apple store at either Meadowhall or Leeds City Centre.

Do you repair printers, phones, tablets or game consoles?

We do not currently offer repairs on any devices other than PC and laptops. We would recommend getting in touch with the manufacture to find out where you could possibly get a repair.

For game console queries we would recommend contacting Console Yourself at Moorthorpe.

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