Custom Build Systems

Here at Pro Logic we build all of our PC Systems in house, each PC System is custom built and tailored to your budget and requirements from an basic office PC System, workstation to full custom loop water-cooled Gaming systems. No matter your requirements we can help you build a PC System using our bespoke quoting system which allows you to pick every part of the PC with our expert guidance.

We have a wealth of knowledge and passion for the latest tech and hardware allowing us to advise customers within seconds of what their requirements are.

Our range of PCs are fully customizable and we work with every customer to find which of the following components will work for their needs:

  • Processor
  • Memory
  • Solid State Drive and/or Hard drive
  • Motherboard
  • Case
  • Optical Drive (depending on the case chosen)
  • Networking
  • Operating System

Whether you’ve been a PC user for years, switching from consoles, consider yourself hardcore or even a streamer we have you covered and can build a PC System that will cover all your needs.


Below are some of our builds, these include systems that don’t require a GPU but wanted a full water-cooling loop, systems with the latest AMD Ryzen APU’s and full gaming systems with GPU’s.


How to build your custom PC System

Pop into our retail store and speak to one of our friendly staff or use the bespoke PC System builder above.

If you come into our retail store we will then speak to you regarding your requirements and start to build a custom spec using our bespoke quoting system with you.

If ordering online we will check your build and make sure everything is compatible or offer guidance and different hardware solutions.

We will then go through the hardware selected advising why we have selected those and finalize the quote with you. You can then place the order with a small deposit or have up-to 72 hours to think about it.

If you place the order online we will start building your PC System within 2 working days and advise you once it’s ready for collection.

After 72 hours you may need to be re quoted due to the daily change in prices on hardware.

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