PC Component Fitting Service

Bought new parts for an upgrade but don’t have the time or knowledge to install them yourself?

Over the last 5 years we have dealt with a increasing number of customers who are buying their own hardware and looking for piece of mind when it comes to fitting, We now offer a fitting service for supplied parts.

We will look at the parts you are wanting installed to make sure that they are compatible i.e a new CPU or Motherboard that may possibly have a different socket and advise you if they would be any issues before booking in the upgrade.

From hardware installation to case rebuilds or cooling upgrades including custom loops we offer our piece of mind fitting service.

Please note our fitting service does not include Apple products.

Our Fitting Service Process


Book In

Book your device in either online listing all of the parts you require fitting, or simply visit our shop with your parts

Work Starts

Work commences and we will build the computer or upgrade the parts you asked us to

It's Ready!

We notify you your device is ready to collect via your chosen method of contact

Collect & Pay

You collect your device and pay the outstanding amount, it's that easy!

Book fitting service online here

Fill in this form to book in your computer for new parts upgrading etc.

YesNoNot sure

YesNoNo - But I would be interested

Your LogiCare Tag number should be on the top, side or back of your device. If you can not find it please just enter "unknown" in the box above and we will look it up when you come to us.

For just £7.99 per month you can have unlimited labour and anti virus protection. We will tell you more and answer any questions when we see you in store.

Desktop PCLaptopOther

We Just need the tower unit, we use our own monitors, keyboards & mice. If your PC need a special power adaptor please bring that with it.

Please bring the mains charger with your laptop. Unfortunately we do not carry every type of laptop charger and we like to only use the one supplied with the equipment.

Please note we do not repair phones, tablets, printers game consoles or Apple computers.


Most repairs that do not require parts are covered up to £35. If the work is going to be over £35 or extra parts required we will contact you with an estimates of costs.

Once we have evaluated your upgrade options we will contact you with some prices and/or advise.


I Will Remove ItLet you password NOWLet you know password LATER

How our online booking process works...

  1. Fill out the form on this page to request a repair/service.
  2. We may contact you asking for further information.
  3. You will receive confirmation of the booking with a Task ID by email or text message with an estimate cost.
  4. Bring in the equipment on or just after the date we advice. You will receive a paper Task Receipt for the work. You also maybe required to pay a deposit on some larger repairs/upgrades.
  5. The work will be carried out on your device. If it’s over the estimated cost we will contact you, and it’s up to you if you want to go ahead*.
  6. You’ll be notified by email/text/telephone that your device is ready to collect.
  7. Bring in your Task Receipt and pay your balance.

(* A small fee may apply if you choose not to go ahead to cover the time spent on diagnosis.)

Have multiple devices that need regular servicing, repairs or upgrading?

Then you may benefit from our Logicare Unlimited service which means you pay a small subscription fee and never have to pay for labour again only parts. Click below to find out more.

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